Swim Butterfly Fast

Swim Butterfly Fast

It is important to develop good timing, technique and rhythm in butterfly over shorter distances before attempting any longer swims.

To swim BUTTERFLY fast you need to start with the correct technique. The article written by Gary Barclay on Butterfly Technique is well worth reading.
Butterfly DVD Ian Pope's Swimming Down Under: Butterfly
You will receive complete instruction on how to swim a faster butterfly . DVD includes butterfly-specific start and turn instructions. DVD also includes a segment for coaching younger butterfly swimmers. Features stroke demonstration by World Record Butterfly swimmer Marieke Guerher
Coaching Butterflyer Coaching the Developing Butterflyer
Discover 45 drills that you can use to train your developing butterfly swimmers.You can build a flatter and more efficient butterfly with all of your swimmers. Learn how to teach technique in both individual and team settings
Butterfly Technique DVD Eddie Reese on Butterfly
Watch a world-class butterfly demonstration . This DVD will assist you to learn to identify essential butterfly stroke components . Get nine stroke building butterfly drills and 5 most common errors with corrections
Swimming Butterfly DVD Becoming a Champion Swimmer: Butterfly
See Richard Quick's methods for developing a faster butterfly. Learn simple drill progressions for a more forward focused butterfly stroke .Get energy saving tips for swimming efficient butterfly
Butterfly Technique - DVD Championship Winning Butterfly
This DVD provides a detailed look at championship winning butterfly technique.You will learn how to eliminate unnecessary vertical movement. Also learn how to swim faster butterfly for a longer distance
Butterfly technique DVD All Access Butterfly with Matt Kredich featuring Christine Magnuson
This 2 disc set has over 3 hours of butterfly instruction .It includes innovative approaches to teaching the butterfly. Includes focus on the butterfly stroke, start and turn instruction.You can also learn Christine Magnuson's personal butterfly insights

Butterfly Questions
If you have a swimming related training, technique or drill question about butterfly that you would like answered please email us and our swimming experts will answer it.

Q.Can you give some advice on how to race a 200m butterfly ? I train in a 25m pool, but have a 200m fly race coming up in a 50m pool. In a 200m fly race (50m pool) I take the first 50m out at 37 seconds,  the second a 44 seconds, the third a 47 seconds and the last a 48 seconds.

At the beginning of the race I become nervous and take out the first 100m too fast. My current PB for 50m fly is 37  and my time for 100m fly is 1.22.

A. In a 200m butterfly race it is important to control the first 100 metres so that you have enough oxygen and energy left for the 2nd 100m.  Often swimmers will be relaxed in the first 50 metres and will swim a split close to their best time.  This first 50m needs to be controlled and then you can gradually build the last 3 x 50 metres.

You would be better off going out 1 to 2 seconds slower in the first 50m, feeling nice and easy, and then aim to swim 3 x 50 metres butterfly at around 44 to 45 seconds holding a good rhythm.

When you start getting tired in the last 50m focus on holding your rhythm and maintaining your two butterfly kicks to each stroke.

Q. I'm trying to teach myself butterfly..but the arm actions at the beginning has me confused..also raising my body just far enough to breath..

A. In butterfly, the hands enter the water in front of the body and in line with the shoulders. The hands are normally flat with a slight pitch so that the thumb side enters first.  The hands scull outward, downward and backward ...

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